Why BooksNPulp

Being a young septuagenarian with time to read the Science Fiction and Fantasy I always wanted to, certain things became apparent to me. It was immediately understood that the books I have read were quite dated. With Intent, I updated my reading to be more diverse and current.

It should be noted there was no disappointment with anything read in this new endeavor. However there was a longing for what I had read as a younger person. This lead me to authors of the 60s and 70s.

Then discovering much of what I had read in those days had deeper roots the Pulp magazines of the first half of the twentieth century up through the 60s. The prime example being my discovery that my favorite book in this genre “Dandelion Wine”, was in fact a collection of short stories published over a decade in several Pulps.

Then in August of 2018 I attended “Pulpfest”, that not only changed my direction of interest, also fundamental understandings of how Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror publishing transitioned in the 50s and 60s. Also how I believe that understanding has been lost to younger generations.

So here I am with a very meek attempt to put down my thoughts of Pulp authors and how they transitioned or were later published in books. Also trying to reach a wider audience for Pulps. Hopefully to connect with some of them.

“He who controls the past, controls the future”